The rules hold TPK together; it keeps the game fair for all players. The rules are subject to change at any time. As a general rule of thumb, use common sense while playing. If you are ever unsure about a rule, ask a staff member.

RPG Rules #1 Profanity:
     Inappropriate language and more mature topics will not be tolerated on TPK. This includes, but is not limited to, curse words and topics that would not be considered child friendly. Self-censoring curse words and the use of abbreviated curse words is also prohibited. This extends to any images and videos linked to or posted on the site. Remember, because TPK is a Pok√©mon site, many children may play this game as well.

#2 Spamming:
     Spamming in any part of the site is not allowed. Spam includes, but is not limited to: posting the same message over and over, using excessive amounts of the same character, excessive amounts of capital letters, excessive use of Scyther commands, or putting a single thought over several lines of chat. Since the main language of most users on the site is English, the use of other languages will also be considered spam.

#3 Cheating:
     Cheating is not allowed in any form on TPK. This includes, but is not limited to: the use of third party programs, stylish, zooming in and out of the page (excluding phones and tablets), inspect element, abusing glitches, scroll battling, multiple cursors, arrow keys, mouse keys, auto clicking, fire key or other unfair gaming mouse advantages, tricking the system into thinking you're not using a touchscreen, and scamming other users. Training on a PC/laptop requires using a mouse or trackpad. Your keyboard cannot be used in any fashion including AutoHotkey and Keyboard Maestro. Any action done that gives you an unfair advantage or circumvents the playing process in any part of the game will be considered cheating. If you are unsure about something being considered cheating, be sure to ask a moderator or admin about it first.

#4 Hacking:
     Hacking or threatening to hack anything on TPK is not permitted. Threats will be taken seriously. Law enforcement can and will get involved in the event of any serious hacking attempts.

#5 Staff Impersonation:
     Asking or pretending to be staff is not allowed. Impersonating any staff member or pretending to be staff can and will get you banned. If someone claims to be staff, check the staff list located here. If their name is not on that list, then they are not staff.

#6 Listen to the Staff:
     If a staff member asks you to do something, be respectful. Staff members will never ask you for your password, or any other personal information. If you feel a staff member is being unfair or abusing their power, please report it to an admin.

#7 Advertising:
     Do not advertise other Pokemon RPGs on TPK. Using any form of official TPK communication to promote or refer other users to another website will result in a ban. This includes direct links to imply that users should play another game. Discussion of unrelated games in the context of TPK is mostly allowed. If you are unsure as to whether a link will be considered advertising, ask a staff member first.

#8 Sharing Accounts:
     Sharing accounts with others is not allowed. Failure to follow this rule may result in being scammed, hacked, etc. Should that happen, both parties involved will be held responsible and punished accordingly.

#9 Harassment:
     Respect all other users on the RPG. Harassment, flaming, bullying, begging, and any time of discrimination will not be tolerated.

#10 Image Rights:
     All of TPK's custom sprites and their palettes are not to be edited, posted, or used outside of TPK without the permission of their creator. All normal sprites are created and owned by Nintendo. Other image credits can be found in the Extra Legal Information page.

#11 Inter-site trading:
     The trading of any Pokemon, item, or currency on TPK for any off-site content, money, or other goods is not allowed. This currently also applies to trading things on TPK Green for things on TPK Blue. Both parties involved in inter-site trading will be banned. This includes real world items as well.

#12 Scamming:
     Scamming other users is strictly prohibited. Scamming is when you trick other users for your own gain. This includes, but is not limited to, tricking users into giving you items, Pokemon, money, or ores with false promises or lies, bribing, blackmailing, tricking users into giving you their password, or intentionally ripping off newer users who are not informed about values.

#13 Misprision:
     If you are aware of, or have any knowledge regarding another member breaking site rules, report it to a staff member. Failure to do so will result in a punishment similar to (but not exceeding) that of the unreported violation.

Chat / Forum Rules #1 RPG Rules:
     All RPG Rules are in effect for the TPK Chat.

#2 Banned Content:
     Do not have conversations on controversial subjects. Time has proven that even logical level-headed debates are not possible here. This includes, but is not limited to, religion, politics, sexual or suggestive topics, and drug or alcohol related topics.

#3 Ban Evading:
     If you are banned from the chat, do not attempt to evade the ban. It will extend the duration and could lead to an RPG ban.

#4 Other Bans:
     Do not discuss bans in public areas on TPK. Ban reasons are private. If the affected person would like to share the reason, do it through PMs or off-site communication.

#5 Personal Information:
     Do not attempt to get personal information from a user. Doxing is also strictly prohibited.

#6 Contests:
     Do not ask staff and/or other members to hold contests.

#7 Relationships:
     TPK is not a dating site. Do not try to find a relationship or have relationship discussions in the chatroom. Drama is best kept away from the game, as people come to TPK as a way to relax.

#8 Signature Size:
     The total signature image size on forums cannot exceed 1000x100px.