The Extended Rules of The Kingdom

The rules hold TPK together; it keeps the game fair for all players. As a general rule of thumb, use common sense while playing. If you are ever unsure about a rule, ask a staff member.
Profanity and Sensitive Topics
  • Do not use cuss words.
  • Do not make racist remarks or jokes.
  • Do not participate in or continue heated arguments.
  • Do not make rude or inappropriate remarks about another player.
  • Do not discuss obscene or political topics which include but are not limited to:
    • Politics
    • Racism
    • Rape
    • Drugs (this includes alcohol)
    • Self-Harm
    • Excessive violence
    • Sexual content
  • Limit your use of caps lock and TPK's emojis
  • Do not post random characters in Chaterpie
  • Do not repeat yourself excessively in chat, it is likely that people noticed the first time
  • If you are repeatedly posting that you have something for trade or are looking for a service, wait until both your message is out of sight and at least 10 minutes have passed.
Begging and Harassment
  • Regardless of your opinion of other players, do not antagonize or disrespect them in the chat or private messages.
  • If you are experiencing harassment from another member, report them to staff
  • Do not ask for free things from other players. Repeat offenders will find themselves punishment
  • Elitism is also discouraged
  • We do not tolerate discrimination. This can include but is not limited to
    • Race
    • Gender or sexuality
    • Religious or political beliefs
    • Disabilities
    • Age
Personal Information
  • For your own safety, limit the amount of personal information you reveal through TPK.
  • Do not doxx other users -- searching out private information of TPK members
  • Also, extremely personal issues or rants should be left out of the main chat room. We understand that you may want to reach out to the TPK community, but please do so in private. It has been shown to derail or ruin the mood of chat.
  • TPK is not a dating site.
  • Do not solicit other players in game for a relationship.
  • Do not have public displays of affection through TPK.
  • Cheating is not allowed whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Usage of third party programs
    • Zooming in and out of the page (excluding phones and tablets)
    • Inspect element
    • Abusing glitches
    • Scroll battling
    • Multiple cursors
    • Arrow keys/mouse keys
    • Assistive touch tools
    • Auto clicking, fire key or other unfair gaming mouse advantages
    • Tricking the system into thinking you're not using a touchscreen
  • Training on a PC/laptop requires using a mouse or trackpad. Your keyboard cannot be used in any fashion including AutoHotkey and Keyboard Maestro.
  • Any action done that gives you an unfair advantage or circumvents the playing process in any part of the game will be considered cheating. If you are unsure about something being considered cheating, be sure to ask a moderator or admin about it first.
  • Hacking or threatening to hack TPK members on or off the site will result in you being banned as well.
Other Bans
  • Other player's bans are private information between that player and the moderators.
  • Do not speculate about why someone might be banned or ask staff members why they are banned.
  • If the player has revealed their ban reason to you in private, you are also not allowed to discuss that reason in chat.
  • If you have been banned previously, you are not allowed to discuss your own ban publicly.
  • Advertising other websites, social media (including Twitch/YouTube), or games for your personal gain above the interest of the TPK community is not allowed.
  • However, in the interest of the greater Pokemon RPG community, you are allowed to discuss, compare and contrast with TPK, or acknowledge that you play other Pokemon RPGs. The line is crossed when trying to actively brigade players to join another game and leave TPK (such as through posting a referral link) or when chat is dominated by discussion of another game.
  • You can tastefully link to your off site content such as music or youtube when it makes sense in conversation.
  • It's always allowed and encouraged to post and share your content related to TPK such as a livestream where you play TPK.
Multiple Accounts
  • Extra accounts
    • You are not allowed to create extra accounts unless approved with the below account types.
    • Unauthorized extra accounts will result in a ban of the extra account and may result in a ban of your main account.
  • Sibling Accounts
    • When playing together with people in the same household you may request extra accounts which will be classified as sibling accounts.
    • Both players must be playing in the spirit of the game - so one account should not be funneling all events or other things into the main account. Trading between accounts is allowed.
    • Account sharing is not allowed between sibling accounts as well. Both people must play on their own account at all times.
  • Storage Accounts
    • Due to the nature of TPK's databases, users with large amounts of Pokemon may experience lag when battling, so we allow players to request a storage account to store large amounts of Pokemon.
    • You must request approval from a moderator or admin before creating a storage account.
    • You also must fulfill the following requirements to create a storage account:
      • 2 days of playtime & registered for more than a month
      • 2,000+ stored Pokemon
    • Storage accounts are only allowed to trade -- so no battling, mining, collecting events, claiming Daily Gift, etc.
    • TPK Classic does not allow storage accounts.
Sharing Accounts
  • Sharing account access is not allowed and leads to unfair advantages or stealing. Do not share your login info with anyone.
  • Both parties involved in account sharing may be banned.
  • Stealing or deceiving a player into a trade that was not agreed on is not allowed.
Exclusive Events
  • The claiming of any exclusive Pokemon, item, or currency for another player with the intention of bypassing the exclusivity mechanic is not allowed.
    • For example, having someone send you the money to buy a Soulless, and then sending the Soulless back to that person, would not be allowed.
    • This rule is similar to how Sibling accounts are not allowed to funnel exclusive events to one player, and why trainers are not allowed to have multiple accounts.
Inter-site Trading
  • The trading of any Pokemon, item, or currency on TPK for any off-site content, money, or other goods is not allowed.
  • The trading of any Pokemon, item, or currency between TPK Versions (between Classic and Blue) is not allowed.
  • Impersonating any member of TPK is not allowed.
    • Having the same/similar name is allowed, so long as you do not try to exploit or tell others that you are a staff member that shares that name.
Image Rights
  • All of TPK's custom sprites and their palettes are not to be edited, posted, or used outside of TPK without the permission of their creator.
  • Do not falsely claim art as your own that was created by someone else without crediting them.
Staff Applications
  • We are looking for competent human beings to be staff members on TPK. *Being staff is not an accomplishment. It is a volunteer position.*
  • If you do want to apply for staff it helps to:
    • Be an active part of TPK
    • Be a friendly person
    • Be a quick learner
    • Be level headed and able to avoid drama
    • Have read the extended rules
  • Privately contact an admin if you wish to apply for staff, since asking publicly will put you in a bad light and make our swift rejection awkward.