The Multiple Accounts Rule of The Kingdom

Multiple Accounts
  • Extra accounts
    • You are not allowed to create extra accounts unless approved with the below account types.
    • Unauthorized extra accounts will result in a ban of the extra account and may result in a ban of your main account.
  • Sibling Accounts
    • When playing together with people in the same household you may request extra accounts which will be classified as sibling accounts.
    • Both players must be playing in the spirit of the game - so one account should not be funneling all events or other things into the main account. Trading between accounts is allowed.
    • Account sharing is not allowed between sibling accounts as well. Both people must play on their own account at all times.
  • Storage Accounts
    • Due to the nature of TPK's databases, users with large amounts of Pokemon may experience lag when battling, so we allow players to request a storage account to store large amounts of Pokemon.
    • You must request approval from a moderator or admin before creating a storage account.
    • You also must fulfill the following requirements to create a storage account:
      • 2 days of playtime & registered for more than a month
      • 2,000+ stored Pokemon
    • Storage accounts are only allowed to trade -- so no battling, mining, collecting events, claiming Daily Gift, etc.
    • TPK Classic does not allow storage accounts.

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