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     Chaterpie is the ingame chatroom for TPK. Chaterpie is the best way to interact and talk with the TPK Community, conduct trades, race for goals, and just have fun. Before using the chatroom be sure to read up on the Chat Rules.


     Scyther is the official bot for TPK. You can activate its commands by sending a message in Chaterpie. "!command argument argument etc." For a list of Scyther's commands use type "!scyther list". Help is available for all commands by using "!scyther [command]".


     The Official TPK Discord server is a way to voice chat with other members of TPK. The rules of the RPG still apply, so be aware that things said in the Discord server can still have consequences. Discord can be downloaded from here. If you need any help configuring the program feel free to ask for help.