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     The Pokémon Kingdom is a up-to-date online Pokémon RPG with a wide variety of gameplay to offer. We have a widespread and active community of Pokémon fans, both new and old.

Our open, interactive maps are rich with NPCs to meet, Pokémon to catch and secrets to unfold.
We have a fast-paced battling system to train up your dream team and become a Pokémon master.
Our mines are designed to be a relaxing activity. Excavate ores, upgrade equipment and trade in your findings!

Alongside these core features, we have many more smaller ones like: Trading, rankings, minigames, clans, weekly content, events, achievements, battle frontier facilities, NPC and player shops, and more!

     If you are new and interested in joining our community, click Register to get started! If you have any questions about the game, you can refer to the in-game F.A.Q. or ask our community members in the chat. We are very welcoming and would love to have you join us!

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