Current Soulless:

Soulless Extracted: 4,701
Current Amount: 0
Game Champion:

Daily Battles: 141

Trainer Exp: 92,821,889,436
Trainer Level: 11
Current WTC:

Rank #1: NerdyVulpix

Time Remaining:
Clan Showdown Leader:

Score: 305

Time Remaining:


Login to access Chaterpie

     Chaterpie is the chatroom for TPK, fully integrated into the game. Scyther, the official TPK bot, runs Chaterpie, and also has many helpful commands which greatly aid your TPK experience. The TPK Chatroom is the best way to interact and talk with the TPK Community, conduct trades, race for goals, and just have fun. Before using the chatroom be sure to read up on the Chat Rules.


     Scyther is the official bot for TPK. You can activate its commands by sending a message in Chaterpie. "!command argument argument etc." For a list of Scyther's commands use type "!scyther list". Help is available for all commands by using "!scyther [command]".

IRC Chat

     Chaterpie connects to an IRC server to relay chat messages. This allows you to use an IRC Client and still talk with players in TPK. IRC is great in that there are many different ways to connect to it, and still get the same chatroom. Here are some picks for potential IRC Clients. You can connect to the TPK Chatroom using these IRC Clients with the IRC Server irc.rizon.net. The only official TPK chatroom is #TPK.


     The Official TPK Discord server is a way to voice chat with other members of TPK. Voice chat is generally used by our more mature members of TPK, and as such rules will be taken less lightly, as long as there is a mutual understanding of the level of strictness applied. The rules of the RPG still apply, however, so be aware that things said in the discord server can still have consequences. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member.

     Discord can be downloaded from here. If you need any help configuring the program, or anything in general feel free to ask for help in the IRC chatroom.